You are not insecure because you love horses! 

Or Embarrassed




Or even intimidated.

You are a Bold, Spirited, Curious Soul, much like all beautiful Horses!


Whether you’re hanging out spending quiet time with your horse,

enjoying a fun ride down the trail with your friends

or building a true partnership of special closeness between you and your horse,

one thing’s for sure:

Your love and devotion for horses is definitely

empowered by styling yourself with

hand painted original wearable horse art jewelry! 


I am the horse artist Connie Owens and what I artistically design for you fellow Horse Lovers  Comes From What I Know about Horses,  I see you thinking of horses and know you heed to answer that call on your Heart and Soul, Finding and Fulfilling your Need for Expression and valuable Individuality, returning that Peaceful Quiet Belonging for when you have the sense of being Understood.